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Dodo Juice Supernatural Fabric Sealant Spray 500ml Fabric sealants Dodo Juice

Dodo Juice Supernatural Fabric Sealant Spray 500ml

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A high-tech, layerable fabric sealant made to be as water-resistant as possible. Makes a perfect hydrophobic waterproofer for upholstery, fabric and soft top convertible hoods/roofs.

An advanced upholstery/fabric sealant and protector for use inside the car on a wide range of soft surfaces, or for use outside the car as a fabric/canvas convertible roof protectant. For quick and easy application, spray it on to the surface with the adjustable spray head, or for ultimate results, brush it into the fabric with multiple applications until the material is completely saturated and treated. Multiple layers can be applied in order to make the fabric as water-resistant as possible. Once fully protected, fabric shows incredible water-repellence with globe-like beading.
Prep-wise, we recommend the use of a good All Purpose Cleaner (Dodo Juice Total Wipe Out) to clean upholstery before sealant application. For fabric hoods, use a dedicated fabric hood cleaner or clean them as thoroughly as possible using regular detailing products (e.g. a low foam shampoo like Dodo Juice Low on Eau and a sturdy brush). This product is also non-hazardous and pleasant to use, unlike similar products that use strong solvents. Usage instructions included.

*Winner of the Auto Express 2019 'best fabric protector' award (rated 5 out of 5)*

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