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Dodo Juice Basics Detailing Spray Quick Detailer 500ml

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The general purpose high performance detailer… cleans and shines in one application.

Basics Detailing Spray cleans and shines all surfaces, making it a detailer's best buddy, number one go-to product and absolute salvation. If you need a single spray that does a bit of everything, this is the one. Paint, plastic trim, metal and glass... all are gently cleaned and buffed to a smear-free shine (assuming you're applying a light coat to healthy paintwork). It removes bugs and tar, acts like a waterless wash, leaves surfaces glossy and slick, and smells heavenly. It's water-based, so gentle enough to use during final buffing stages without interfering unduly with fresh wax or sealant, or it can be used on its own as a great show 'prep-and-pep' spray to remove dust and fingerprints.

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