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Dodo Juice Black Widow Hybrid Sealant Wax 100ml

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Black Widow is a wax/sealant especially formulated for black and dark coloured paintwork. Based on the award-winning Supernatural Hybrid recipe, you can expect superb beading and 4-6 months of durability before needing to re-coat.

Thanks to a dose of montan wax, Black Widow is perfectly suited to black and dark coloured paintwork. Its core recipe is based on the same blend of natural and synthetic ingredients that made Supernatural Hybrid a wax to be reckoned with. It offers long application intervals like one of those tricky nano sealants, but with all the traditional waxy benefits as well... great filling, good depth, excellent flake pop and sheer delight and ease of use. Soft enough to apply by hand, but hard enough to use with an applicator. Furthermore, the first 666 jars made contain a spooky surprise; a hidden spider submerged beneath the wax. Happy Halloween! Usage instructions included.

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