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Dodo Juice Decadence Coin Wax 100ml (IWL HB Sauce)

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Decadence is a special IWL (Independent Wax Label) release that is truly the first of its kind.

HB Sauce AKA Kevin Longman has not only painstakingly poured a hybrid wax coin, but he's set it atop a soft carnuaba, beeswax and candelilla base. And if the coin looks familiar, that's because it's moulded from our very own Dodo Decade coin (the limited edition Christmas gift from 2017).

You want more? You got it! The hybrid coin is infused with apricot and raspberry oils for a little extra gloss. It applies like a dream... easy and evenly... then comes off 'easy peasy Skittles squeezy' after a long or short haze. Bonus!

The fragrance is sherbert and raspberry, so your septum is gonna have its work cut out stopping your nostrils having an overdose. Durability is two months plus, but hey, this isn't for your daily driver. It's a show wax of the instant legend variety.

There are only 110 of these for sale, so it's a strictly limited edition and will never be repoured, reheated or repeated. To add to the excitement, there are multiple variations of the coin and base colours... we won't tell you how many, you'll just have to see what you end up with. Of course, you could buy two. Or three. Or 11. Or all 110 if you've just won the lottery.

Finally, a little bit about the name... Decadence

Are we being clever and saying that this wax is extravagant and luxurious, whilst also including the word "decade", a reference to our Decade coin? Damn right we are! Now give us a biscuit!

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