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Dodo Juice Low On Eau Rinseless Car Wash

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Low on Eau is the Dodo Juice rinseless wash, i.e. you don’t need to rinse your car after application. So no hosepipe required! Just wash a panel and dry/buff it to a high shine with a soft cloth.

The lubricants in Low on Eau help prevent dirt from scratching your car and leave behind a glossy and water repellent finish that could shine and sheet for weeks (don't say that too quickly in case it comes out wrong). But remember, it doesn’t foam (foam carries dirt and needs rinsing) and it isn’t suitable for higher levels of contamination (i.e. high amounts of dirt or heavy soiling). It is for cars that are only lightly dirty, and ideally, heavily protected with a wax or sealant already (to aid the cleaning process).

Use Low on Eau for:

  • Regular maintenance washes... it could even save you time compared to a using a normal shampoo
  • Saving water, beating a hosepipe ban or for using at flats without outside taps
  • Showground show car prep if there are limited wash facilities... just take along some Low on Eau and a few buffing cloths... job done!
Try Low On Eau it and you may become a convert. It doesn't endanger paint when the process and product are top notch and the results can be superb - with a glossy finish achieved in half the time of a regular wash.

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