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Dodo Juice Motley Blue & Metal of Honour Metal Care Kit Metal kits Dodo Juice

Dodo Juice Motley Blue & Metal of Honour Metal Care Kit

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1 x Dodo Juice Motley Blue Metal Polish 100ml
1 x Dodo Juice Metal of Honour Metal Sealant 30ml

Metal of Honour description:
A paste metal sealant for tailpipes and trim, created by Reflection Jim for Dodo Juice.
Chrome tailpipes, ali wheel rims and metal trim can all be polished to perfection, but what do you put on after to lock in the shine and help prevent deterioration of the finish? No need to answer, because home brewer Reflection Jim has been busy and cooked up the perfect solution… well, paste wax. Dodo Juice call it ‘Metal of Honour' and when you apply it to dry, solvent-wiped metal, you'll see why… this high temperature paste wax is worthy of the highest accolades going. Usage instructions included.
Motley Blue description:
An excellent ‘all-round' metal polish that cleans and shines exterior metal surfaces. If you need a metal polish with the performance turned up to 11, then look no further. Motley Blue runs rings around dull tail pipes, peps up exterior metal trim and gives oxidised under-bonnet fittings a new lease of life. Cleaning, polishing, glazing… Motley Blue makes light work of metalwork. It even seals the metal a little, helping to keep it shiny for longer. Note that it may not be suitable for the most delicate metal finishes or heavily corroded/rusty metal. Always check on an inconspicuous area first. Usage instructions included.

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