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Dodo Juice Supernatural Complete Leather Kit

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1 x Dodo Juice Supernatural Leather Cleaner Spray 500ml
1 x Dodo Juice Supernatural Leather Sealant Spray 250ml
1 x Dodo Juice Supernatural Leather & Upholstery Brush
2 x Large Blue Microfibre Cloths


Supernatural Leather Cleaner: A gentle but highly effective leather and vinyl cleaner - water-based formula for sympathetically cleaning leather cloth, genuine leather and vinyl. The blend of soaps and mild solvents remove a wide range of dirt and contaminants, including blue dye from jeans in most cases. Residue-free to prevent sticky deposits from oils attracting dirt, and to help subsequently-applied leather sealants bond effectively.

Supernatural Leather Sealant: A ‘dry’ sealant for protecting and conditioning all types of leather. Oil and wax based protectants can trap contaminants which are then ground into the leather, possibly degrading the finish. Supernatural Leather Sealant is a high performance ‘dry’ sealant that will only repel dirt and other deposits. It also helps ‘elasticise’ the surface, conditioning the leather and increasing pliability. This results in fewer cracks and wrinkles in the mid to long term. Use Supernatural Leather Cleaner first for best results.

Supernatural Leather Brush: Wooden-handled soft bristle
brush with the perfect blend of fibres for agitating and removing dirt without marking delicate leather finishes. Firm in action but soft to the touch, gently yet effectively removing debris and dirt from your seat without marking delicate leather finishes. Great along seams and capable of flowing into nooks and crannies when the bristles are splayed under pressure.

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