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Dodo Juice Tarmalade & Tyromania Panel Pots (2 x 30ml) Sets Dodo Juice

Dodo Juice Tarmalade & Tyromania Panel Pots (2 x 30ml)

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Tarmalade Tar & Glue Remover 30ml:
Tar removers have historically had a couple of issues – they ‘run off’ the paintwork and smell horrible. Tarmalade addresses both points. It’s a thick paste based on nature’s own degreaser and super-solvent, orange oil. So it clings to paintwork, giving a good dwell time, and smells of fresh oranges. In fact, it’s so pleasant to use you’ll have to stop yourself spreading it on your toast...

Tyromania Tyre Wax Dressing 30ml:
If you want a natural look tyre dressing that doesn’t rub off after it’s been applied, then Tyromania is definitely right up your boulevard. Shiny, slingy silicone dressings beware… Tyromania is a carnauba wax that uses natural orange oil as a solvent. Apply it to sidewalls, allow to cure, then admire the matt black finish. Want a satin look, instead? Then just spritz the tyre with water and buff to a shine using a short pile microfibre.

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