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Green Oil Eco Rag Bike Cleaning Cloth

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The bike cleaning cloth made from quality, upcycled clothing

EcoRag is British made. The material is thick and durable. And it can be put in the washing machine.

The Earth

Recycled: Every EcoRag is completely unique! They are largely made from thick cotton sweater cotton. This is super soft for frame cleaning, and tough enough to wipe down your frame too. Everyone EcoRag is unique and upcycled!

Compostable: Aside from the occasional nylon label and print, the EcoRag is mostly compostable.

Why not use a natural sea sponge?
Too many people want sponges from the bottom of the sea, and people taking too many is damaging the ecosystem in various places.
So growing sponges using fair trade principles is the way forward, rather than using sea sponges.

How to use EcoRag

1. Soak in a bucket of water.
2. Squeeze out, then apply Green Clean bike cleaner to your EcoRag
3. Clean off dirt from your frame with your EcoRag, rinsing it out regularly

After use, dry out your EcoRag indoors or in the sun.
You can actually wash it with your dark clothing in a washing machine

Recycling information
The EcoRag itself is compostable. If you don't have a compost bin, you can just bury it! Cut out any nylon first though.

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