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Milltek Sport Metal/Car Exhaust Polish 100ml Metal polishes Milltek Sport

Milltek Sport Car Exhaust/Metal Polish 100ml

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A new product from the boys at Milltek with a little help from Dodo Juice, the car detailing experts.

Finally after several months of extensive testing in all weather types the Milltek Metal Polish is now available. This tailor made metal polish will ensure that any stainless steel exhaust system or metal component is in pristine condition, ready for any concourse or show duty, with very minimal effort required. Not only will this polish keep your exhaust in good condition it is also perfect for any polished or chrome parts of your car or even bike. The polish works using abrasives that are able to remove contaminants while still leaving a mirror finish, the polish is able to dissolve oil, fuel and soot deposits. Also contained within the polish is an active sealing ingredient which helps the metal resist any future tarnishing. The high quality of this polish means you will only need a little and it will go a long way.

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