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Foldylock Compact 85 Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Folding Bike Lock

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Foldylock Compact Steel Bicycle Lock revolutionizes how cyclists secure their beloved bicycles. Ergonomically designed, this lock provides enhanced security and durability. It's a compact, strong and reliable bicycle lock and is both easy to use and carry wherever you go. Get the peace of mind that all cyclists desire by taking your bicycle security to the next level and purchasing Foldylock's compact bike lock, protecting your bicycle from theft and damage.

ENHANCED SECURITY - With Foldylocks, quality is never a concern. Our lock utilizes rusts-resistant and anti-drill components with the ability to withstand compounded physical damage. It is built with heavy duty steel bars and hardened steel rivet links, rendering it strong enough to withstand the effects of sawing. Through exceptional workmanship, the links have also been built to render a smooth rattle-free motion. Your bicycle is therefore protected from theft using crude lock breaking methods. Security is further enhanced by using Sold Secure organization certified locks.

SCRATCH FREE - Conventional locks can often scratch your bike leading hideous marks and uneven paint. Plastic coating in all components of Foldylocks locks, however, protect your bike from scratches while in use.

PORTABLE AND EASY TO USE - Foldylocks bike locks are not only easy to carry but also fast and easy to use wherever you go. More so, the lock comes with a carry case which you can easily strap onto your bike for portability when riding.

PROTECT YOUR BIKE - Don't make it easy for thieves to steal your bike. By choosing our sophisticated bike lock you are securing your bicycle with leading materials and technology for improved peace of mind. Ideal for mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes and kids bikes too.

HARDENED STEEL LINKS - We have designed our links to be stronger and more robust to increase security when your bike is locked and left at the train station, grocery store, office, home etc.

ULTRA-PROTECTED RIVETS - The rivets incorporated within our bicycle lock have been designed with VSR technology to stand up against sawing and cutting for added protection. You can secure your bike to a post or bike stand safe in the knowledge it is locked well.

FAST AND EASY TO USE - Suitable for all abilities to install and operate. The compact design ensures the cycle lock is compact and easy to carry in the portable bike lock case, so you never have to be weighed down by an uncomfortable bike lock again.

ANTI-DRILLING COMPONENTS - The cylinder and other components incorporated into our compact bike lock design are drill resistant to prevent thieves from stealing your bike. Our flexible and robust mountain bike lock should be the top of your list for bike security.

WEATHER-PROOF - Metal components are rust free and the lock is also coated in a durable UV protected cover.

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