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Bilt Hamber Deox C Concentrated Rust Remover 1kg Rust removers Bilt Hamber

Bilt Hamber Deox C Concentrated Rust Remover 1kg

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Bilt Hamber Deox C is a rust removal bath for corrosion removal.

eox-C is a crystalline, 100% active corrosion removal product formulated for the removal of corrosion products from steel, stainless steel and most ferrous materials. This product when dissolved in tap water, produces a bath of powerful rust removing liquid and it is extremely economical. For example, just 1kg makes up to 20 litres of powerful rust removing bath. It will remove very heavy corrosion, but is safe to use on even the most delicate items. It is harmless, non-toxic, biodegradable and suitable for any object that can be completely immersed.

Abrasive cleaning methods such as grinding, sanding or blast-cleaning will remove sound steel surrounding corroded areas. The risk of grit inclusion resultant from blast-cleaning, has been proven to cause early coating failure, corrosion and mechanical wear. Slag-based blast cleaning media all contain heavy metals which, when used in open-nozzle blast-cleaning equipment, liberate dust that may contain harmful levels of these elements.

The use
of deox-C will eliminate the risk of distortion to thin steel sections, which can result from the blast-cleaning process and unlike abrasive methods, being a liquid, deox-C penetrates into any crevices and flaws to remove corrosion completely. Full usage instructions included.

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