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Crankalicious Complete Cleaning & Maintenance Kit Cycle care products Crankalicious

Crankalicious Complete Cleaning & Maintenance Kit

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This fantastic cycle care/maintenance kit includes:


Crankalicious Madam Palm Microfibre Wash Mitt

Crankalicious Mud Honey Bucket Wash 100ml

Crankalicious Limon Velo Degreaser Spray 100ml

Crankalicious Crisp Frame Bike Wax 30ml

Crankalicious Pineapple Express Spray Cleaner 1L

Crankalicious Like Pneu Tyre Cleaner 100ml

Crankalicious Mayo Jaune Frame Polish 100ml

Crankalicious Enduro Bike Frame Spray Sealant 100ml

Crankalicious Little Buddies Bike Detailing Swabs

Crankalicious Fur Rouge Microfibre Buffing Cloth

Crankalicious Soak Star Microfibre Drying Cloth


Crankalicious Cell Foam Chain Cleaning Sponge

Crankalicious Gumchained Remedy Chain Cleaner 100ml

Crankalicious Shock Treatment Fork Grease 30ml

Crankalicious Science Friction Chain Lube 100ml

Crankalicious Chequered Rag Bike Work Cloth

Crankalicious Rotorissimo Brake Cleaner 100ml


Crankalicious Logo Laminated Frame Sticker

Please note: Picture is for illustration purposes only. Please see above for an accurate list of items included in this kit. Usage instructions are included with most items.

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