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Crankalicious Sprocket Rocket Chain Cleaning Tool

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Chain cleaning tool for rapid and thorough cleaning of cycle chains.

An unloved, dirty, gritty chain makes for a frustrating riding experience. Use the Crankalicious Sprocket Rocket chain cleaning device for a deep, complete clean without having to remove the chain from your bike. This chain cleaner has 88 brushes, four cleaning stages and 100ml capacity.

Not all chain cleaners are created equal… some are very expensive, some are worryingly cheap. Most don’t work as well as they should, or feel like they may break prematurely. The Crankalicious Sprocket Rocket has been custom made in robust Crankalicious smoked grey plastic. It has nicely spaced brushes that allow for narrow chains and works brilliantly with Crankalicious Gumchained Remedy chain cleaner. Watch out for cheap chain cleaning tools on eBay/Amazon etc which are made from brittle plastic and are prone to leaking.

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