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Dodo Juice Car Interior Spray Air Fresheners 100ml

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Handy 100ml pump spray air fresheners. Spray it on to floormats, under seats, into air vents (or mist on to headlinings) for a dose of fragrance when the interior needs a little lift. The scent typically lasts a day or two, slightly longer than other similar sprays due to the concentrated recipe.

Choose from the following scents:
Purple Haze - Jellybean fragrance (Purple Haze)
Strawbapple - Strawberry & apple fragrance
Banana Armour - Banana fragrance (Banana Armour)
Orange Crush - Zesty orange fragrance (Orange Crush)
Diamond White - Vanilla fragrance (Diamond White)
Rainforest Rub - Watermelon fragrance (Rainforest Rub)
Light Fantastic - Coconut fragrance (Light Fantastic)
Juiced Edition - Pineapple fragrance (Rubbish Boy's Juiced Edition)
Red Mist - Pina colada fragrance (Red Mist)
Blue Velvet - Blueberry spice fragrance (Blue Velvet)
Cherry Bomb - Cherry fragrance (Basics Protection Wax)
Born to be Mild - Berries fragrance (Born to be Mild)
Sour Power - Fresh apple fragrance (Sour Power and Apple iFoam)
Raw Hide - Authentic leather smell, literally one of the best leather scents around
Hard Candy - Candy fragrance (Hard Candy)

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