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Dodo Juice Hog Detailing/Wheel Brush Kit 25mm & 30mm

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25mm Hog Brush
A smaller 25mm diameter Hog Brush, great for using on the interior (corners of the dash, air vents, trim joins, switches etc.) or more fiddly exterior work (badges, wheel lugs).

30mm Hog Brush
Then there's the larger 30mm diameter Hog Brush, that's a perfect size for general wheel cleaning, larger exterior vents and grilles, engine bay detailing, fuel filler cleaning etc.

Hog's hair brushes are superb for detailing duties as they have a softer, natural bristle compared to synthetic nylon alternatives, yet they are stiff enough to clean surfaces thoroughly, effectively and quickly.

You'll generally use them on the wheels, plastic grilles and engine bay - but you may choose to use smaller (clean!) ones inside the car, to clean vents and trim joins etc.

Our Hog Brushes are made in a single piece plastic construction, rather than with a separate handle and ferrule (collar). This not only prevents as much bristle-loss, but the brushes last for far longer because the ferrule can't crack. And because there's no ferrule, it can't scratch delicate finishes or get jammed behind a wheel spoke. In fact, we think they're the most durable and most scratch-free brushes on the market.
Heck, you could even use them to baste BBQ sauce onto a large chicken. Just make sure you've cleaned off the colour-change wheel cleaner first.

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