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Dodo Juice Sidewall Bob Dedicated Car Tyre Cleaning Brush

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Brown, dirty looking tyres look odd next to beautifully detailed rims. They detract from the overall appearance of the wheel - and even the car itself.

We consulted with our resident tyre-cleaning evil genius, Sidewall Bob, who had this to say: "Use Dodo Juice Pneu Look tyre and trim cleaner to thoroughly decontaminate a tyre, using a stiff-bristled brush to work it into the sidewall. Then rinse thoroughly with water. Mwahahhahahaahahaaa."

Sounds like good advice.

The only issue was that we didn't have a suitable stiff-bristled brush with an easy-to-grip handle for the job in-hand, so we had to find one. And that's what you're looking at here. A plastic brush with 25mm length nylon bristles, named after Sidewall Bob as a tribute to his involvement with our tyre cleaning range.

Please note: Tyre brushes should not make contact with the wheel rim, due to the robust nature of the bristles. Take care when using tyre brushes, and always use 'wet' with a suitable shampoo, APC or tyre cleaning solution.

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