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Dodo Juice Spirited Away Car Screenwash Concentrate

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A concentrated screen wash, made the Dodo Juice way. Forget the standard high street ready-to-go stuff, this is a high grade concentrate that 500ml can make over 3 litres of screen wash when diluted, and perform down to -40 degrees (when used neat). Available in 500ml or 5 Litre bottles.

In use, it is smear free and shifts road grime easily and is great for all weathers – it’s almost like applying Dodo Juice Clearly Menthol glass cleaner to your windscreen and giving it a quick buff, all from the comfort of the driver's seat. There's soap in there, solvent, and a little Dodo magic.

From a technical perspective, Spirited Away can cope with temperatures as cold as -40 and is safe on wiper blades, window rubbers and polycarbonate windows. However, we suggest you only use it neat if you work at Ice Station Zebra. Using our faithful abacus, that means the 500ml bottle will make around 3 litres (as a general rule, you can pour the bottle into an empty resorvoir and then fill with water).

Recommended Dilution Ratios:
Summer - 1:6
Winter - 1:3
Antarctic - Neat

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