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Dodo Juice Supernatural Glass Care Kit Glass kits Dodo Juice

Dodo Juice Supernatural Glass Care Kit

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1 x Dodo Juice Clearly Menthol Glass Cleaner Spray 500ml
1 x Dodo Juice Supernatural Glass Polish 250ml
1 x Dodo Juice Supernatural Glass Sealant Kit 50ml
1 x Dodo Juice Supernatural Window Waffle Microfibre Glass Cloth

The quest for perfect paintwork means that glass is often forgotten about… but it can make a real difference to the overall finish of a car. Based on covalent nano-technology, Supernatural Glass Sealant creates a chemical bond with glass to form an extremely durable water-repellent coating. Visibility in rain is improved dramatically and it may even extend wiper life. It will last approximately 6-12 months before recoating is required. It also won the Auto Express 2013 glass sealant group test (14/08/13, issue 1281) and was awarded 'Best Buy' as well as being the only product to achieve 5/5 stars... "it was easily the best at sheeting water... plus it showed no sign of flagging even after 10 weeks." Please note that glass needs to be completely clean and free of residue before application (use Supernatural Glass Polish beforehand) and wiper blades should be cleaned or replaced to prevent unnecessary abrasion of the new coating. The kit comes with a 50ml bottle of glass sealant (enough to seal the glass on 2-3 average-sized cars) and a low-absorbency lint-free application cloth. Usage instructions included.

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