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Dodo Juice Supernatural Hybrid Nano Sealant Wax

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1 x Supernatural Hybrid Nano Ceramic Wax/Sealant (30ml or 100ml)
1 x Hessian Presentation Bag
1 x Information Booklet

A nano-boosted hybrid wax giving outstanding show wax finish and water behaviour. Durability depends on many different factors, but with good prep, application and maintenance, 6-8 months of protection can be expected.

What happens when you add nano-ceramic sealant to an award-winning carnauba wax? Something very special indeed: Supernatural Hybrid Nano… an easy to apply wax that fills minor swirls and marring for a superb finish, whilst demonstrating the best water behaviour you'll see from any wax, anywhere. The perfect 'show wax'. Comes complete with information booklet and hessian presentation bag. Usage instructions included

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