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Dodo Juice Supernatural Leather Sealant Spray 500ml

Dodo Juice Supernatural Leather Sealant Spray 500ml

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A ‘dry’ sealant for protecting and conditioning all types of leather. Now in a larger 500ml bottle and new style packaging.

Oil and wax based protectants can trap contaminants which are then ground into the leather, possibly degrading the finish. Supernatural Leather Sealant is a high performance ‘dry’ sealant that will only repel dirt and other deposits. It also helps ‘elasticise’ the surface, conditioning the leather and increasing pliability. This results in fewer cracks and wrinkles in the mid to long term. Use Supernatural Leather Cleaner first for best results.

Supernatural Leather Sealant's oleophobic properties help to resist denim dye transfer (from jeans) making it ideal for protecting light coloured alcantara and leather. Usage instructions included.

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