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Dodo Juice Supernatural Tyre Dressing 250ml

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We aren't fans of plasticky high gloss 'wet look' tyre products, and we absolutely hate sling - where the tyre dressing remains wet on the tyre and can fly off when the car's moving, or rub off on to your clothing. Therefore, our Supernatural Tyre Dressing is a gentle water based emulsion that leaves a perfect satin finish on tyres of all types, without slinging off after it's cured.

Simply apply with a soft foam applicator, allow to cure for a minute or two, then step back and admire the finish. You can even increase the shine by spraying it with a light water mist and buffing the coating to greater gloss with a lint-free cloth (like one of our Supernatural Microsuede Buffing Cloths).

Expect about 2-3 weeks of longevity from Supernatural Tyre Dressing, but we recommend that you apply it every time you wash for the best finish. Dressings simply get too degraded and rubber is prone to attracting dirt.

Please note: Supernatural Tyre Dressing can also double as a trim dressing for smooth and textured plastics. You will also find it offers 4-6 weeks of durability when used on exterior trim - about twice as long as when applied to tyres.

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