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Dodo Juice Supernatural Wookie's Fist Wash Mitt

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The softest, largest wash mitt you’re ever going to find, with the longest, deepest pile. Hand made from genuine Merino wool and with a price tag to match. It's fair to say that over the years, the 'Wookie' has become a bit of a legend.

So why go large? Well, that deep pile helps keep dirt as far away from your paint as possible. Plus you can sluice a lot of water over the car, rather than just a dribble. This does mean that it is best used with large wash buckets, though, as it likes to drink a lot of water every time you dunk.

Like all our lambswool mitts, this one is 100% natural with a proper sheepskin lining as well as sheepskin fleece, unlike the cheaper mitts out there. But beware - mitts as natural as this don't last forever... never allow the mitt to fully dry out (regular use is essential), never leave it immersed in water and keep it well away from washing machines, tumble driers and closed polybags.

A simple hand rinse and air dry, with a metal pet comb for detangling duties afterwards, is all it needs. NEVER put it on a radiator or in an airing cupboard to dry. If it dries out, ensure it is allowed to become fully saturated and supple by soaking in water 10 mins before use, otherwise you could stretch the stitching. Should it become very dirty, let it soak for a few hours in a solution made up from our Supernatural Merino Mitt Wash, before rinsing and drying.

Please note: These natural mitts should be combed and checked before use and moulting may occur, especially during first use. All lambswool mitts have a shorter lifespan than synthetic alternatives and 6 months to a year of use may be normal before replacement. Our mitts come with a 30 day warranty to ensure they are not damaged or defective at the time of first use, but no claims for mitt failure can be made after that date. Lambswool mitts falling apart, rotting or failing is entirely normal and does not indicate poor manufacture. Whilst some mitts can last 3 or 4 years (or more), this is unusual. Please buy a Supernatural Wash Sponge or synthetic microfibre
mitt if worried about the lifespan of natural lambswool mitts.

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