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Foldylock Forever 90 - World's Strongest Folding Bike Lock

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Foldylock 90 is the world's strongest folding bike lock. A premium folding lock, the highest security level folding lock ever made (Sold Secure GOLD).

The Foldylock combines the flexible convenience of a cable lock with the hardened steel security of a D-Lock in a riveted sliding plate design, perfect where portability and ease of use are the top priorities. The weight of the lock itself is approximately 1.76kg.

  • Perfect for E Bikes - Size and strength ideal for securing E-bikes
  • Patented Ultra Protected Rivets – Stainless rivets are rigorously tested and protected against sawing and cutting
  • Automotive Standard Cylinder - Butter-smooth, ultra-secure cylinder mechanism
  • Auto Shutter Mechanism - Keeps dust, water and dirt away from inner parts
  • Easy to Carry - Folds neatly and compactly into its mounting case (included)
  • Silent Ride - A rattle free, noiseless experience
  • Element Protection - Metal parts are rust-resistant and plastic components are UV protected
  • Friction Damping Mechanism - Exclusive development for a smooth operation
  • Sold Secure GOLD Security Rating - The world's strongest folding bike lock

The 'Foldylock 90' is the UK version of the 'Foldylock Forever' which is the US version of the same lock. The only differences between the two are aesthetic (UK version is red/black and US version is gold/black). Functionally they are the same and both are 'The world's strongest folding bike lock' (Sold Secure Gold rated).

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