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PipeSnug Soil Pipe Collar/Wall Hole Tidy GREY 110mm/4"

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PipeSnug pipe seals are quicker, cheaper and cleaner than any other method of sealing a hole where a pipe exits the wall.

PipeSnug 110mm is a plumbing soil waste pipe seal & wall hole tidy, suitable for internal and external use. Installation is quick and easy, simply drill a hole using a 152mm core drill bit and then slot the PipeSnug in the hole and insert the pipe. PipeSnug is now installed in hundreds of thousands of homes across the UK.

* Fits 152mm core drill
* Replaces need to ‘make good’ around pipes where they exit the wall
* Compliant with Part L soil pipe Building Regulations
* For use with 110mm/4" soil waste pipe
* Installs in seconds and provides a long-lasting, professional finish
* Fits all makes of solvent weld and push-fit soil waste pipe fittings
* Air and water-tight seal
* Cheaper and cleaner than traditional methods
* Manufactured in the UK to the highest standards
PipeSnug is made from recycled polypropylene and TPE
The product and packaging are either recyclable or biodegradable
Installed in hundreds of thousands of homes across the UK and beyond

* Make homes greener, smarter and more cost effective with PipeSnug
Award winning product
* As seen on Dragons' Den!

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