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Seatylock Mason U-Lock & FREE Frame Mount

  • £59.90
  • Free delivery

1 x Seatylock Mason U-Lock
1 x FREE Seatylock Mounting Bracket (usually sold separately)

Seatylock's Mason U-Lock is the world's lightest 'Sold Secure Gold' U-Lock. Ergonomically designed, this lock provides enhanced security and durability. It's a compact, strong and reliable bicycle lock and is both easy to use and carry wherever you go. This lock offers the security and peace of mind all cyclists desire.

- Officially the world's lightest 'Sold Secure Gold' U-Lock

UNIQUE TRIANGULAR 17MM CROSSBARS - Best strength/weight ratio

DOUBLE DEADBOLT LOCKING MECHANISM - Additional protection against twist attacks

AUTOMATIC CYLINDER SHUTTER MECHANISM - Keeps dust and water away from your cylinder

ANTI-DRILLING COMPONENTS - Cylinder and other components are drilling resistant

PROTECTED AGAINST THE ELEMENTS - Metal components are rust free and plastic cover is UV protected

BIKE FRAME PROTECTION & SILENT RIDE - Links are plastic coated to prevent scratches and a rattle elimination mechanism prevents the lock from shaking while riding

FREE MOUNTING BRACKET INCLUDED - Genuine Seatylock Frame Mount included free of charge (usually sold separately)

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