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Seatylock Cable Loop Triple Braided Flexible Security Bike Lock

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Designed for use in conjunction with a keyed main lock, the Seatylock Cable Loop provides additional security for components that are easily removed such as a front wheel. The oversized loop ends make it easy to pass one end of the cable through the other and are large enough to be secured by any lock on the market.

The threefold triple braided steel core ensures the appropriate level of security while maintaining a high degree of flexibility. A soft polymer shell surrounds the core to protect any parts of the bike frame from scratches and isolate the braided steel from the detrimental effects of the weather.

Can be used in addition to your existing lock to secure wheels, helmets, saddles and other accessories. Also useful for securing your bike to something that your normal lock can't reach.


  • Flexible & secure
  • Polymer protective casing
  • Oversized loop ends
  • Triple braided cable for extra flexibility
  • Small and relatively lightweight
  • 2x hook & loop retaining straps
  • Available in 120cm and 220cm sizes

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