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Dodo Juice Easy Glider Fine Grade Clay Bar 50g

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Yellow poly-clay has been a staple product of detailers for many years, and for good reason… it's great value, has a pliable consistency and works remarkably well. Being a fine grade clay, there is also less chance of marring, although clay lube is still highly recommended.

Choose from a single 50g bar (enough to clay a small car from nose to tail or a newer/less contaminated larger vehicle) or go for the larger 100g (2x50g) twin pack instead (best for larger, more contaminated or older cars). After all, you only use as much clay as you need to. If your car is uncontaminated you can reuse the clay on a subsequent panel or vehicle rather than having to throw it away.

Just remember to reduce the risk of marring, to use a clay lube as well (Like Born Slippy) or you could always go for one of our clay kits.

Comes complete with flip top storage case to store your clay in between details.

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