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Dodo Juice Dullicious Matt Finish Detailing Spray 500ml

Dodo Juice Dullicious Matt Finish Detailing Spray 500ml

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99.9% of quick detailers on the market are going to add gloss. That's pretty much why there were invented and why people buy them.

But that's no use whatsoever if you have a matt (or is it matte?) finish car, that's either been painted or vinyl wrapped in dull hues for reasons of style and fashion.

Even some products we've tested that were MADE for matt cars add gloss, leaving behind a satin shine. That, of course, is no good at all.

You want a product that cleans and maintains the matt finish, leaving nothing behind and letting your frosted effect frost to its fullest. Try saying that after a few tequilas.

We therefore have Born to be Mild residue-free shampoo in our range, for both gloss and matt finishes. And because you can skip claying and polishing, we then move on to a detailing spray to maintain the finish and remove minor blemishes and marks, safely and simply: Dullicious.

This mild solvent-based recipe lifts fingerprints, greasy residues and minor contamination like tar spots and bug debris, leaving behind the original finish once it's flashed off. No oils. No wax. No sealant. No residue at all.

You may then ask how to protect the finish, once it's been detailed and looking as fresh as the day it was frosted. There are two options. Firstly, you can simply leave the finish as it is, because matt finishes are effectively degraded already - no amount of sun damage can make them more dull. You can't add gloss or slickness or make them easier to clean, because they're meant to be microscopically rough to achieve their visual effect. Or, the second option, is to opt for a nano sealant of some kind. These have a particle size small enough to only add MINIMAL gloss; but in our experience even these products may add a little satin shine. In our range, we'd opt for Future Armour but be mindful of the additional gloss if you do.

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