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Dodo Juice Fozzie Hair Deep Pile Microfibre Wash Mitt

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Deep pile wool wash mitts are great at keeping dirt away from paintwork during the wash process, but their natural wool construction causes a few unwanted side effects... Invariably, they moult, rot or otherwise disintegrate and are often consigned to the bin within a few weeks or months - rather than years.

The answer is therefore to get a wash mitt that replicates the BEHAVIOUR of a natural wool wash mitt, but isn't made of wool. And that's why the Fozzie Hair synthetic wash mitt exists.

With deep pile microfibre strands, dirt is kept away from paintwork like with the best wool mitts. Yet being made from microfibre means it won't rot or lose its fibres; nor can stitching be stretched to the point of breaking if it gets over-dry. Leave a Fozzie wet and it won't go mouldy. Leave it to dry out and it won't need soaking for five minutes before being pliable enough to use. Like to sluice loads of water onto the panel during a wash? No problem.

Beneath that soft microfibre pile, a foam sandwich construction holds plenty of wash water every dunk. And it's far easier to handle when full of water than a natural mitt. Being of a lighter construction helps it glide over paintwork easily.

Finally, the Fozzie is low maintenance not just low risk. So instead of stroking and combing your mitt before bedtime, or not feeding it after midnight, you can just wash your ride and then pop the Fozzie in the wash with your drying towels and buffing cloths. Comes with large 'one size fits all' elasticated cuff featuring Dodo Juice embroidered logo.

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