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Dodo Juice Arc Angel Long Throw Orbital Machine Polisher

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For years, 6mm short throw machines were the only orbital polishers available - but then along came a larger orbit... and suddenly 15mm or even 21mm became the norm.

The longer throw means a larger area polished with each revolution of the pad, saving time, and it gives you an even safer, lower temperature cut.

Now, we think 21mm (or more) takes things a bit too far. Because the side effect of a longer throw can be more vibration, slower/lower cut, trickier polishing up to creases and swage lines in bodywork and more chance of pigtails (tracers). So for us, we think 15mm is the way to go.

Our Arc Angel DAS-15 is also a clutched machine, so if you've heard scare stories about burning through paint with rotary machines, this long throw DA with a clutched action is as safe as it gets. Lower panel temps due to the orbital action and slippage if needed at low speeds if you use too much pressure...

Of course, with 900W you'll still be able to get the job done, whatever the hardness of paint, assuming the right polish, pads and process. Despite having a 15mm throw it's remarkably smooth and pleasant to use. Use it for low cut finishing or grab a Fibre Scyther microfibre pad and some Depth Charge heavier cut compound for attacking harder paints - but remember, machine polishing requires research, skill and practice for the best results.

Overall, the Arc Angel is well made, comes with a full 2 year guarantee and offers excellent performance for an affordable price. All you'll need are some pads and polishes to get going; it comes with a 125mm (5 inch) backing plate, spare brushes and an extra-long 6m cable with a UK three pin plug. That's double the length of some cables and means you won't be fighting with an extension lead for half your life!

Technical info:
* 15mm throw for fast and effective machine polishing
* Powerful 900w motor (240V) with variable speed (1800 to 4800 opm)
* 125mm (5") backing plate and D-Handle included
* Spare carbon brush set included
* Quick-change brush ports on side casing
* 2 year warranty
* Dodo Juice branded detailing bag included

FREE Dodo Juice Machine Polishing Tutorial guide included

Please note:
Machine polishing can cause irreversible damage to paint and should only be undertaken once confident that results can be achieved safely. Always research machine polishing thoroughly, test on practice panels or inconspicuous areas initially and start with light cut products and processes when working on 'live' paint until you achieve competence.

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