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4 x Dodo Juice REFRESH Orbital Pads Selection Set

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1 x Peak Finish 150mm - Waffle foam finishing pad, for low cut work or for final finishing of paintwork. You'd probably be using this with a fine cut polish like Dodo Juice Critical Finish.

1 x Shark Fin 150mm - Fin-cut foam polishing pad, that offers a medium cut. It's a good all-rounder. A bit more bite than the red Peak Finish foam, but not too aggressive. You'd probably pair this with Lime Prime.

1 x Slim Reaper 135mm - Extra-slim compounding foam. This has a more aggressive orange foam construction, but it's also extra-thin to transmit more of the cut onto the paint rather than into the pad. And like a wine pairing on a taster menu, our Depth Charge heavier cut polish is arguably the one to go for, should you need a polish to go with this heavier hitting pad.

1 x Fibre Scyther 135mm - Is our microfibre medium/heavy cut pad that runs cooler than foam, potentially increasing the lifespan of your pads and even your machine itself during extended polishing sessions. Coupled with Depth Charge it does a great job tackling harder paints.

One frustration of customers is buying a machine and having no suitable pads for it; or buying a machine polishing kit and getting the cheapest and nastiest pads thrown in for free.

So we've made it easy for you, by bundling four premium-quality pads - from fine to heavy cut - into this Orbital Pad Selection.
All these pads are suitable for 120-125mm (5 inch) backing plates and have a traditional 'hook and loop' velcro backing.

After use, simply apply neat washing-up liquid to remove polish residues, rinse under a running tap and then allow to air dry. Note that some discoloration of these pads may occur if coloured polishes are used. This does not affect performance.

As ever, always run pads with suitable polishes/compounds; never overwork them by running them too dry, too long or with a polish doing too much or too little work.

Please note: Pads should never be run at excessive temperatures (either panel or machine temps), they should always be stopped/started on the panel to avoid undue stress, and they should always be removed gently from the backing plate and washed carefully with mild detergent (NEVER left to soak). Failure to do so may cause premature delamination of the hook and loop backing from the pad.

PLEASE NOTE: These pads may come as a four pack or four separate pads (packaged individually). Either way you get the same four pads but the packaging may vary depending on stock levels.

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