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Dodo Juice Buff Daddy Evo Orbital Machine Polisher

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Removing swirls by hand can be hard work, time-consuming and can often lead to inconsistent results. The answer is a machine polisher – and the most user-friendly of all are the orbital machines (often called ‘Dual Action’ or ‘DA’ polishers). Because the polishing head travels in an orbit, there is less chance of the paint being inadvertently damaged.

Clutched machines, like our Buff Daddy Evo, are safer still because they have a clutched polishing head, meaning that the pad will stop rotating if too much pressure is applied for too low a power input. Ultimately, this means the pad stops rather than carries on grinding through your paint, like a rotary machine or DA with a driven orbit.

So if you are new or inexperienced, the Buff Daddy Evo is ideal. And if you're a pro you'll like it, too. Its gentle cut is perfect for refinish soft finishes without causing machine marks/holograms - and if you need more cut, simply reach for a heavier cut compound like Dodo Juice Depth Charge and a Fibre Scyther microfibre cutting pad and you can tackle even hard German clearcoats.

The Buff Daddy Evo is - as the name suggests - an evolution of the legendary DAS-6 that we've been selling for years. In fact, it's really an evolution of the DAS-6 Pro due to its higher 900W output and higher torque figures.

Here are the main differences:

  • Larger orbit of 8mm rather than 6mm for wider polishing area, lower potential panel temps, more safety margin for beginners.
  • Powerful 900W motor compared to old DAS-6 (550W) for more torque at lower speeds; so you can run the machine normally at speed 3 rather than speed 5, with more power in hand when required...
  • TWO backing plates; a 125mm (5") backing plate and a smaller 75mm (3") backing plate for spot pads - plus the usual D-Handle etc.
  • 6m long cable - longer than rival machines and the old DAS-6, so no need to keep tripping over extension leads.
  • New ergonomic casing design with improved button/controls positioning - main switch now on the top/front rather than the side; speed control on the top/rear (much more visible and easy to adjust).
  • Quick-change brush ports on side casing, plus the usual pare carbon brush set also included.
  • Larger Dodo Juice branded detailing bag (a size up from the old DAS-6 one).
  • FREE copy of Dodo Juice's Machine Polishing Tutorial Booklet

In short, it's like our old DAS-6, but better. So we don't need to offer a normal DAS-6 and a Pro version any more - the Evo model supersedes them both. Of course, it still uses a 5/16th fitment backing plate like the older versions for full interchangeability and versatility and the operating speeds are also unchanged at 2500-6500 opm.

It also has two years of warranty - plus we'll send you a FREE copy of our Machine Polishing Tutorial Booklet. This is absolutely indispensable if you've never machine polished before and may even be useful reading for seasoned pros. It explains the basic theory of machine polishing, how to get started, how to get meaningful results quickly and how to avoid basic mistakes. Furthermore, it elaborates on processes, techniques, machines and accessories. Cheaper machines don't tend to come with this level of useful info and they may often be sold with mismatched pads and polishes that can create confusion and inferior results.

Please note: Machine polishing can cause irreversible damage to paint and should only be undertaken once confident that results can be achieved safely. Always research machine polishing thoroughly, test on practice panels or inconspicuous areas initially and start with light cut products and processes when working on 'live' paint until you achieve competence.

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