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Dodo Juice Machine Polishing Tutorial Guide Booklet Machine polishing guides Dodo Juice

Dodo Juice Machine Polishing Tutorial Guide Booklet

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A 20 page pictorial machine polishing guide, perfect for beginners.

Want to know the fundamentals of machine polishing but confused by the information and conflicting advice on the internet? This guide booklet is absolutely indispensable if you've never machine polished before and may even be useful reading for seasoned pros.

This booklet makes it easy to get started and puts you on the right track from the off.
It explains the basic theory of machine polishing, how to get started, how to get meaningful results quickly and how to avoid basic mistakes.

Furthermore, it elaborates on processes, techniques, machines and accessories.
Simple theory, lots of pics and illustrations and far easier to refer to than a mobile phone or tablet when you're machining a panel.

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