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Dodo Juice Critical Finish Ultra Fine Cut Finishing Polish

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If your car's finish is critical to you, look no further. Critical Finish delivers just that - flawless results for final stage machine polishing, or for use as a pre-wax hand polish on softer paints.

With the finest micro-abrasives around, it delivers a high shine and low, low levels of cut - merely removing minor defects and light swirls rather than endangering paint with excessive removal rates or micro-marring.

This means classic cars, Japanese cars or just paint you're unsure about can be tackled with Critical Finish, at least initially, without worrying about 'damaging' the paint unduly.

Sure, for more cut you'll want to step up to Lime Prime and then Depth Charge beyond that. But for cleansing the paint, adding gloss and removing mild defects before applying a wax, it's perfect. You can use it by machine or by hand, and it can also be used before sealants (except nano-ceramic sealants) if finish, rather than longevity, is your goal.

And if 500ml seems too much, why not try our 100ml tester size to sample the performance first?

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