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Dodo Juice Future Armour Nano Spray Sealant

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As the name suggests, this nano-derived technology has one foot in the future. Future Armour is a high performance spray sealant with the advantage of being water-based, so you can use it on wet or dry paint.

This spray sealant can be applied like an 'aqua wax' during the rinse stage of a wash, or sprayed neat onto paint as an LSP after polishing. It produces amazing water behaviour and offers impressive durability (around 4 months of protection) at a price which undercuts older tech rivals.

The word versatile doesn't do it justice... it can be used on all trim, side glass and metal components, as well as paintwork and with no visible residue. As it's water-based, it can also be diluted.

Our favourite use for this product is as a superb drying aid. Simply spray on whilst drying a wet car with a microfibre towel. Not only does it make the car a lot easier to drive, but it also adds insane levels of gloss and shine (not to mention around 4 months of protection).

You can even just add some to a foam lance/pressure washer bottle and spray it all over your vehicle (be it a car, van, caravan, horsebox etc).

Durability is impressive and with good prep, around 4 months of protection can be expected (with great beading and sheeting). We recommend buffing thoroughly with a soft cloth at application for best results and to avoid inconsistent curing (which could lead to shiny spots or smears). Can also be used as an excellent wheel sealant.

*Auto Express Recommended 2017 & 2018*

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