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Dodo Juice Hairy Palm Car Leather & Fabric Brush

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We know a thing or two about leather care, as all our Auto Express awards will tell you. Supernatural Leather Cleaner has been unbeaten for the last six years and we've now created Pimp My Hide to bring that level of cleaning performance to the Dodo Juice range.

Alongside it, we've introduced the Hairy Palm leather and fabric brush.

With natural bristles, it cleans a little more gently than regular nylon leather brushes. But make no mistake - this still ramps up the cleaning effect massively and shouldn't be used on delicate or repaired finishes.

With an ergonomic palm-shaped handle, it fits into the hand comfortably but allows you to apply pressure exactly where you need to. Use it along seams with less pressure initially, flowing into nooks and crannies by splaying the bristles at the nose end. Then up the cleaning effect with more pressure or by using it in a circular motion. Use it in a similar way for upholstery and carpets as well.

And at 150x65x50mm it's double the size of some similar brushes, so it represents superb value for money.

When you're done, give it a little rinse under the tap, then let the bristles dry naturally.

Our final thought? After the leather's clean, why not apply Dodo Juice Fabricadabra to protect and preserve the finish? It's made to repel water based contaminants and keep it cleaner for longer.

Please note: Leather and fabric brushes should never be used 'dry' and are aggressive in action compared to using a colour-fast cloth. NEVER use a brush on a delicate, sensitive, damaged, degraded or repaired finish or one where colour transfer or colour loss may occur. Always test on an inconspicuous area first and start with a cloth before switching to a brush if the cleaning effect is inadequate.

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