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Dodo Juice Iron Gloss Ultra-Durable Liquid Sealant 100ml

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Carnauba waxes are easy to use, look great and are made from nature’s finest ingredients – and if you owned a classic car with vintage paint you'd be daft to use anything else.

But on a modern, daily driven, ungaraged car, you may want a protection product than can last longer than the 6 months or so that the best carnauba and hybrid waxes can last before recoating is required.

This is where liquid sealants come in. They may not have the same warmth or glow as a natural wax, but they tend to have a crisp shine and create even better reflections. The main benefit though is their durability, especially when layered. A good liquid sealant can last 6-12 months when applied to panel-wiped (solvent wiped) paint. These tough coatings can also feel super-slick to the touch (helping repel contamination, making your car a little easier to clean) and they may also resist stronger wash and detailing products.

Whilst there are sealant sprays for top-up protection on top (or instead) of waxes, and some very good (genuine!) ceramic sealants that work best applied to machine-polished new cars, neither of these tend to work as well as Iron Gloss, our liquid sealant, at keeping your car looking cleaner for longer - or making it so easy to maintain. This is simply because they have too small a particle size.

This makes Iron Gloss perfect for winter protection or just when you want to reapply a protection product a little less often. 6 months on a daily driver, 12 months or more on a garaged vehicle. All with a better level of filling and gloss enhancements than nano products can provide. And yes, it's also heat-resistant, so it can double up as a wheel sealant, too.

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