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Dodo Juice Bouncer's 22 100ml - Rare Collectible Car Wax

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Bouncer's 22 is the first car wax launched under IWL (Independent Wax Label). One of the most sophisticated, refined and highest performing amateur 'Home Brew' waxes around, Bouncer's 22 is a wax unlike any other.

We felt compelled to secure the global distribution rights and can now proudly offer the Bouncer's 22nd formulation to a discerning international audience. Forget the love, let's spread the wax! In our estimation, the recoating interval is a recommended 3-4 months.

About Bouncer: No, not the dog from Neighbours... Bouncer (in our universe at least) is a really talented home brewer turned professional wax manufacturer called Jay Sultan, who now runs his own company (Propa Protection) and sells a variety of superb detailing products under the 'Bouncer's' brand. Jay came to us about a year before we released 22 with an early attempt that we rejected. After a few pointers, he took the constructive comments on board and created this formula here. When looking for an IWL wax, there is no point us bringing something ordinary or familiar to the market, and 22 fitted the bill by offering something individual and interesting to the market. It has a sorbet like consistency, a lovely citrus smell and performs better than it should for a first wax out of the Bouncer's stable.

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