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Dodo Juice Bouncer's Satsuma Rock 100ml - Collectible Car Wax

Dodo Juice Bouncer's Satsuma Rock 100ml - Collectible Car Wax

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After the success of Bouncer's 22, Jay (The Bouncer on Detailing World) got busy in his home-lab once again and created this masterpiece using some cheeky synthetic ingredients.

It raises the bar set by 22, outperforming it in Dodo Juice in-house tests - quite an achievement - and even giving our own hybrid waxes a run for their money. Expect your nostrils to be impressed, too... it smells like freshly squeezed satsumas, hence the name. A pleasure to apply and impressive to use. Well done, Jay.

About Bouncer. No, not the dog from Neighbours... Bouncer (in our universe at least) is a really talented home brewer turned professional wax manufacturer called Jay Sultan, who now runs his own company (Propa Protection) and sells a variety of superb detailing products under the 'Bouncer's' brand. Jay came to us about a year before we released 22 with an early attempt that we rejected. After a few pointers, he took the constructive comments on board and created his first wax for the IWL. He then looked into alternative ingredients and set a new standard for home brew waxes with Satsuma Rock.

In our estimation, the recoating interval is a recommended 4-6 months.

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