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Dodo Juice Brewing Beads 100ml - Collectible Car Wax

Dodo Juice Brewing Beads 100ml - Collectible Car Wax

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A new addition to Dodo Juice's IWL (Independent Wax Label) family, Craig from Fourth Wax has created Brewing Beads.

Craig knew that Dodo Juice love the shenanigans of Walter White and Jessie Pinkman. So after binge watching the complete Breaking Bad boxset, he was inspired to get a camper van (ok, his nan's caravan), get hold of some chemistry equipment and start cooking. Ahem, we mean BREWING, not cooking. He then sent in some samples of his Carnauba chemi-wizardry to Dom at Dodo Juice and after minor tweakage, the result is a masterpiece. 100ml of hybrid carnauba sealant that's firm (yet moist), sheet-tastic, and ready to bead until Arnie comes along and tries to kill it. Does that make Craig and Dodo Juice the british equivalent of Gustavo Fring and Los Pollos Hermanos? Pretty much, except no cartel, no murders or guns in chicken batter.

Dodo Juice’s Independent Wax Label has been the launch pad for some of the most successful wax entrepreneurs the car care industry has seen, with both Jay (Bouncers) and Dan (ODK) having melted their first commercial pots under the scheme. What makes Brewing Beads a little different is that Craig Law is already a successful wax maker in his own right, with Fourth Wax. It was therefore an honour for Dodo Juice, and a testimony to the allure of the IWL, that Craig chose to create a wax specifically for their ‘home brew’ label. The result is Brewing Beads, a high performance hybrid wax offering impressive longevity, durability and sheeting. Consistency wise, it is a firm wax that spreads easily – in a turquoise shade reminiscent of Walter White’s finest. Usage instructions included

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