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Dodo Juice IWL Capped In America Wax 100ml Waxes Dodo Juice

Dodo Juice Capped In America 100ml - Rare Collectible Car Wax

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Capped in America is Dodo Juice's first American IWL (Independent Wax Label) release, from renowned home brewer Drew Elias, aka Son1c. It's a beautiful wax in Son1c blue, featuring natural ingredients and offering great beading.

Like all our IWL releases, this offers something a little different when compared to Dodo Juice recipes (texture, application characteristics and fragrance are unique) and it will be enjoyed by collectors and enthusiasts alike. Although we do have the odd customer who buys it at shows simply because they are into Marvel comics or Captain America. They may not even be into detailing, or even own a car. Such is the marketing allure of a well-penned pun.

Who is Son1c? He's not a hedgehog, for a start. That would be odd indeed. Hedgehogs, if found in America, would make very poor home brewers. No, our Son1c is different. He started out as a Dodo Juice fan from across the pond many years ago, then started making his own home brew car waxes before home brewing grew in popularity. An early-adopter, as it were. He made and sold a lot of his car wax in the US, but was relatively unknown over here. So when he wanted to collaborate, we listened. It wasn't easy working out the logistics (we send jars over the Atlantic to be filled, then import them again) but we did it. And the resulting wax is yours to enjoy. Don't miss it. Like with most of the IWL creations, when it's gone, it's gone.

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