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Dodo Juice Orange Plush Microfibre Drying Towel

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Orange Plush is what happens when you supercharge a drying towel.

A best-seller since launch, we created it by taking two super-soft plush pile drying towels, then stitching them together with a nice soft microsuede edging. Boom. Double thickness two-sided drying in the same 60x60cm format. 500gsm? Not today... you do the math. We're looking at 1000gsm ladies and gentlemen.

This means it's just as soft and scratch-free as normal but being double the density, it's super absorbent and can gobble up far more water than normal.

In fact, if you subscribe to Auto Express, get checking your back issues... in April 2012, the Orange Plush absorbed 1.6 litres of water beating all other drying towels on test in terms of sheer absorbency!

Softness, check. Absorbency, near dammit unrivalled. Edging, soft. Tag, no chance (due to the risk to bodywork). Colour, orangey. Size, 60x60cm size for good manageability/handling.

If you're after a plush drying towel, with a deep pile to keep dirt away from your paintwork in order to minimise swirls, look no further. Add this bad boy to your basket.

*Auto Express Commended 2013*

Care of drying towels: All our drying towels are fully machine washable. Wash them with a non-bio liquid at 30 degrees for light soiling or 40 degrees for heavier contamination - or even better, grab some of our Dodo Juice Furry Liquid, which is made for the job. Powders may not dissolve fully and could become caught in the fibres, so liquids are better... and bio detergents may eat the stitching over time. Avoid the use of fabric conditioners or softeners at all costs as these can make microfibre cloths water repellent. If this happens, you'll need to send the cloth to the dry cleaners, or soak it in a strong APC solution overnight (Dodo Juice Total Wipe Out is ideal for this). Finally, fluffiness can be restored by tumble drying on a low heat. High heat will damage the fibres. Some clumping/entangling of fibres is natural as the microfibre becomes older - consign old microfibres that are past their best to secondary duties like wheel cleaning.

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