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Dodo Juice Shag Pad Deep Pile Microfibre Car Wash Sponge

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The problem with sponges is that they find it hard to keep dirt away from the paint surface, and contamination can also migrate into the foam pores.

That's why they get a bad rep on detailing forums, and the general consensus is that a deep pile mitt is better (the pile helps keep the dirt away from the bodywork). Especially if it's made from easy-to-maintain, soft microfibre.

Now, what if you could get the absorbency of a sponge covered in that same deep pile microfibre? Dirt wouldn't be able to migrate into the sponge and it would be kept well away from the paint. Yet, you'd be able to hold more wash water in your hand than if you were using a mitt; helping you sluice panels clean, driving dirt off the panels before you even make contact with them... Well, you can - with the Dodo Juice Shag Pad.

A shag-pile microfibre wash pad (or 'wash bone' if you're from Tennessee); a generously-sized sponge covered in the same soft, synthetic microfibre as our Fozzie Hair wash mitt. Approximate dimensions of wash pad: 22cm x 15cm x 5cm.

It's a great upgrade from a standard 'jumbo' style sponge and doesn't have the stitching/splitting issues that can affect cuffed mitts. Just dunk it into the bucket, then squeeze to release wash solution and gently glide over the panel. Perfect for a 'safe' contact wash and even better value than a deep pile wash mitt.

Can you machine wash the Shag Pad after use? Yes, you can. But we don't advise it because the sponge inner may become twisted internally. Just rinse it out under a running tap and let it dry naturally. No special maintenance required.

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