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Dodo Juice Shark Fin Foam Fin Cut Polishing Pad 150mm

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Think of our fin or 'blade' pads as like waffle pad on steroids. Whereas a waffle pad is just mildly waffled and gently undulating, the fin-cut foams have real peaks and troughs.

The Shark Fin medium cut polishing pad therefore not only runs cooler and slings less, but it distributes polish further across the pad face and allows for a more consistent cut overall.

It's a mid-range polishing pad with a moderate amount of cut, for use on soft and medium-hard paints to remove swirls etc. Above it, you have heavier cut extra-slim foams and microfibre pads for orbital polishers. For less cut, choose our Peak Finish waffle pad.

We find this green fin pad to be a great all-rounder. Not too aggressive, if you're unsure about the amount of cut, and not so light in polishing terms that you're simply wasting your time tickling the paint either. This shark has enough bite...

Suits 120mm-130mm (5 inch) backing plates, to allow for a safe overhang (to keep the backing plate edge away from paintwork during polishing). Hook and loop (velcro) backing.

Always run pads with suitable polishes/compounds; never overwork them by running them too dry, too long or with a polish doing too much or too little work.

To maintain, simply massage neat washing up liquid into the foam pad cutting face under a running tap, then rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry.

Please note: Pads should never be run at excessive temperatures (either panel or machine temps), they should always be stopped/started on the panel if an orbital is used to avoid undue stress, and they should always be removed gently from the backing plate and washed carefully with mild detergent (NEVER left to soak). Failure to do so may cause premature delamination of the hook and loop backing from the pad.

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