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Dodo Juice Snow Commotion Foam Lance (Nilfisk) Snow foam lances Dodo Juice

Dodo Juice Snow Commotion Snow Foam Lance (Nilfisk)

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One of the first purchases for serious detailers after a pressure washer, the snow foam lance is a classic piece of detailing gear.

This brass lance with lime green fittings is adjustable for mixture and compression to create the perfect foam density (assuming a quality foam like Dodo Juice Apple iFoam is being used). Comes with a 1 litre graduated dosing bottle, PTFE tape and the adaptors required for fitment to the specific pressure washer lance listed. Some basic assembly required, 16mm metric spanner plus an adjustable spanner recommended.

Choose the suitable fitment for your pressure washer from the drop down list.

NILFISK FITMENT = Nilfisk/Kew/Alto (but not Nilfisk pro)

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