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Monster Detail's Dodo Juice Wash & Protect Kit (4pcs)

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1 x Dodo Juice Born to be Mild pH-Neutral Shampoo 500ml (NEW REFRESH)
1 x Dodo Juice Fozzie Hair Microfibre Wash Mitt
1 x Dodo Juice Soft Touch Microfibre Drying Towel
1 x Dodo Juice Future Armour Nano Spray Sealant 100ml

As a Dodo Juice reseller, we have access to an unlimited suppy of Dodo Juice products and we've put together this kit based on the ones we choose to use on a regular basis.

It's a great kit for beginners who would like to get started with detailing but aren't sure which products to choose. It's also perfect for seasoned detailers who just want to top up their Dodo Juice collection with a great value bundle.

The quick wash & protect process is as follows:

1) PREP - Fill your wash buckets with warm water (ideally two buckets both containing Scratch Shields) and add an appropriate measure of shampoo to the 'wash' bucket.

2) RINSE - Thoroughly rinse (or ideally pressure wash) the whole car to remove as much dirt and grime as possible before beginning to wash it. The more that's removed beforehand, the greater the chance of a swirl-free wash.

3) WASH - Wash the car using the two bucket method and rinse the wash mitt in the 'rinse' bucket every panel or so to remove dirt. The idea is to put the dirt into the rinse bucket rather than the wash bucket (which is going back on the car). Always wash from top to bottom and once the whole car is clean, thoroughly rinse off with your pressure washer or hose.

4) PROTECT - Finally, spray Future Armour on to each panel and then gently dry with Soft Touch. We find this to be a winning combination as Future Armour makes drying significantly quicker and easier, whilst also leaving behind a durable, glossy finish which will easily last until your next wash. Future Armour protects for up to four months and it will also extend the life of any existing protection.

Please note: Images are for illustration purposes only - please see above for an accurate list of items included in this kit.

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